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The Darkness - One Way Ticket to Hell...And Back!

The Darkness’s album One Way Ticket to Hell…And Back isn’t quite as raw & rockin’ as their debut album Permission to Land, imo. BUT, sonically One Way Ticket sounds GORGEOUS to my ears. And Justin Hawkins really took his singing & operatic layering to whole new levels for this album. It sounds majestic. I have a feeling this was at the peak of his vocal quality. His vocals also shine in his band/album Hot Leg. In One Way Ticket - I love how crisp & clear everything sounds. The kick drum sounds amazing - tight and punchy, yet still deep, and not overly-loud or in-your-face. The overall feel when “Dinner Lady Arms” begins always just sounds…fantastic. There’s something about the songwriting and however they recorded and mixed those guitars and everything, for the intro, that has always sounded really nice to my ears. The only minor thing that bugs me a little is how far right the hi-hat is panned. I personally don’t like it when the hi-hat sounds disjointed from the rest of the drum set. If I had mixed it, I would have liked to bring the hi-hat (and perhaps the overheads or rooms overall) a little more inward, to gel the drums together as a unit. Personal taste thing of course.

What are your thoughts? Have a favorite song or moment from The Darkness?

















“Dinner Lady Arms” Copyright The Darkness, Atlantic Records 2005

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