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Rammstein - Mutter

Rammstein’s masterpiece album Mutter is simply MASSIVE. It’s epic, surrounding, all-encompassing. The guitar recordings have incredible ambience. The only other record I know of, that could maybe rival the hugeness of these guitars, is KoRn’s Untouchables. The blending-in of synth stuff from their keyboard guy Christian Lorenz is superb. For example, at 0:20 in this clip from “Sonne,” pay attention to the 16th note synth. And as if the verse isn’t huge & epic enough, the chorus gets even more epic with that bass and those strings. I love the mixing of the drums. They sit back nicely in the mix, creating excellent depth. The snare crack is great. I’d love to know what type of snare drum they used on Mutter. Maybe it’s an aluminum snare, like a Gretch or something? It sounds so good. Mutter is flawless. It’s no surprise Rammstein packs arenas and outdoor shows of 80K+ people. I was fortunate to see Rammstein live in Chicago in 2012.

Have a favorite Rammstein song? And don’t say “Du hast” ! lol

















“Sonne” Copyright Rammstein, Motor, Universal 2001

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