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Pantera - Far Beyond Driven

Search on YouTube “Hardees Carl’s Jr Pantera I’m Broken.” You’re welcome.

Alright, the album Far Beyond Driven. WOW. Just WOW. This is Metal perfection. The guitar tone is obviously a signature tone. The guitars are maybe 0.5-1dB too loud overall, for my taste, but whatever, who cares, this album is magnificent. What I particularly love about this album is the drums recordings and how they’re mixed. You can clearly hear every kick, it has punch & low-end thump, but it sits BACK a bit in the mix. It’s not obnoxiously in-your-face. It’s tight and it helps give the mix great depth. At 0:12 and 0:24 in “I’m Broken,” listen to the huge space & distance created from the snare & toms hits. A fantastic application of reverb & space by the mixing engineer. The panning of the toms is also wonderful. Anytime a Far Beyond Driven song comes on in my car, it sounds like the toms are dancing all around me, surrounding the space. It’s awesome. The 4:01 mark of “Throes of Rejection” is probably my personal favorite moment of the record.

Have a favorite song or moment from Pantera?

















“I’m Broken” Copyright Pantera, East West 1994

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