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Metallica - black album

“Wherever I May Roam” is one of the earliest songs I remember as I was growing up. When I was maybe 6 or 7, I’d put on the Black album CD and pretty much just run around and dance and rock out in my bedroom. It’s interesting analyzing it from an audio perspective as an adult. It’s widely considered one of the best-recorded albums in existence. I’d agree with that. But I personally can’t stand how loud the drums are MIXED. They are all maybe 2-4dB too loud. It’s so obnoxious imo. For example, it sounds like the kick and snare are whacking you in the face, while James Hetfield is singing 50 feet away. The waveform is super healthy, so the song is punchy and dynamic and exciting. But man, those drums, ugh. Tone-wise, they SOUND amazing. Just way too loud. Think of how much more surrounding and clear everything else would be, if they were lowered. But, the Black album is 16x platinum, so maybe that’s what the public loves ? Loud drums.

Your thoughts on the sonics of the Black album?

















“Wherever I May Roam” Copyright Metallica, Elektra 1991

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