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Megadeth - Countdown to Extinction

Megadeth is definitely a top-5 favorite band of all time for me. Sonically, every album sounds different, which I love. It means they have that craving for artistic experimentation each time they put out a new release. Countdown to Extinction is one of the best-sounding recordings/mixes/masters of any album of any band I’ve ever heard. The only single thing that bothers me is the ride cymbal, which is a bit too loud for my taste. What I especially love about Countdown is the bass guitar tone. It sounds kinda metallic, not overly deep-sounding, and cuts through which punch and simply a ton of character. It’s not distracting from overall standpoint, but you can focus your ears on it and hear it all if you choose. The entire album sounds perfect and polished. And look how healthy the waveform is. This helps the song to be dynamic, punchy, musical, and exciting.

And I have to mention Marty Friedman is my personal favorite guitarist of all time, specifically because of his soloing work in Countdown and Youthanasia. He makes it sound effortless. It’s simply the best!

Do you have a favorite Megadeth song, or tone, or band member, or …? I could talk about Megadeth all day.

















“Architecture of Aggression” Copyright Megadeth, Capitol 1992

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