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Mad Max: Fury Road "Brothers In Arms"

“Brothers In Arms” is an EPIC film cue, to say the least. The composer Tom Holkenborg (Junkie XL) created hundreds of original percussive samples just for the film. Sonically, the percussion and percussive-like-synth stuff sounds AMAZING. It’s sculpted to perfection. It’s just too loud for my taste. I personally like the orchestra & melody to be the star. And especially in this cue, the orchestra notes (such as at 0:27 and 1:00) are really cool. But they are getting swallowed up by the percussion. I recall when watching Mad Max Fury Road a second time on my home theater system (after then knowing the score very well), in the scene where “Brothers In Arms” is featured, I could barely hear any of the cool music. I could only hear percussion and the film’s sound effects. Granted, the surround mixing in the film is different from the stereo soundtrack I’m sharing a clip of here. But it seems like they did over-powering percussion in the film’s surround mixing too unfortunately.

Junkie XL has some cool moments in his film scores. I also really like his song “Tris” from Divergent, which is beautiful, especially at the 2:22 mark.

What are your thoughts?























“Brothers In Arms” Copyright Tom Holkenborg, Warner Bros Pictures 2015

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