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KoRn - Untouchables

“Beat It Upright” from KoRn’s Untouchables is unlike ANYTHING I’ve heard before, sonically. The first time I had heard it was on shuffle in my car, and I had to pull over because I didn’t even quite understand what I was hearing, but I felt it. The natural ambience KoRn captured for their guitars and space for Untouchables is unrivaled (maybe except for the guitars and space Rammstein captured for Mutter). “Beat It Upright” in particular is almost gravitational and dizzying. It seems to pull you in, out and around. The whip & crack of that snare + kick is delectable. From a performance standpoint, to me it almost sounds like the drummer David Silveria intentionally put a subtle delay on his snare hit. So that it’s not standard quantized 1-HIT-3-HIT, but instead almost like a tiny 16th note swing feel. Which helps give it that whip/crack/gravitational feel.

Mixed by the legendary Andy Wallace and Mastered by the legendary Howie Weinberg, with Fieldy’s signature bass sound, Untouchables is a gargantuan beast of a record and a sonic masterpiece. For more detailed information on how they did some of the recordings, here’s a nice article with some responses from the recording engineer Michael Beinhorn:

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“Beat It Upright” Copyright KoRn, Immortal, Epic 2002

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