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Green Day - American Idiot

American Idiot was mixed by Chris Lord-Alge, who nowadays has a big presence in the audio plugin market, such as Waves. He’s a famous mixer and has classes on Mix with the Masters too. The overall balance and feel of “American Idiot” is outstanding. The guitar recordings are simply awesome. For a punk rock song like this, I don’t think I’d wanna change a thing about it. At the 0:10 mark, notice how much depth the kick drum has. You can really hear & feel the room pound & bounce from that kick. Love it.

The master waveform is quite squashed. During the chorus for example, the integrated LUFS is at -5.3, which is extremely loud. But maybe that’s exactly what this album needed. It resonated quite well with audiences, don’t you think? 16+ million copies sold worldwide, a musical created for it, and countless awards. And this was one of the first albums I specifically remember listening to on my brand new 16GB generation-3 Apple iPod!

















“American Idiot” Copyright Green Day, Reprise 2004

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