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Disturbed - The Sickness

Disturbed’s “Stupify” has been a long-time favorite of mine for about 20 years now, particularly how huge it explodes right from the start. I LOVE the downward-glissando synth thing in the intro and choruses. The Sickness album was excellently recorded and mixed and mastered, what an epic debut album. During many parts of the songs, such as the chorus in “Stupify,” Andy Wallace mixed David Draiman’s vocals almost like a Pop record, super upfront and really in-your-face. Brilliant strategy of course. They might even be a bit too loud at times, but who cares, the vocals on this album are unlike anything else.

The master waveform is quite squashed unfortunately. Most of the song is hovering around -6.2 LUFS integrated, which is extremely loud. From a mixing standpoint, the only thing that bothers me a tiny tiny bit is the kick drum’s punch frequency (not the low-end thump roughly around 64Hz, that sounds great. But instead the frequencies maybe 1000Hz+ that are giving it its exciting punchy-ness), which is maybe ~1dB too loud for my taste. But apart from that, it’s sonic bliss. Sounds fantastic across the board.

Have a favorite moment from any Disturbed song?

















“Stupify” Copyright Disturbed, Giant, Reprise 2000

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