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Disturbed - Indestructible

From a mixing standpoint, “Perfect Insanity” is so SO close to being flawless imo. Literally the only thing I’d wanna change is to bring the wide guitars down maybe 0.3-0.5dB, and the vocals up maybe 0.3-0.5dB. The kick and snare sound glorious and tight. And I like how the hi-hat/rooms/overheads are kept more inward/center, as opposed to being unnaturally wide. If you know me, I like my drum set to be a little more inward and together. Indestructible was mixed by Neal Avron. The other thing I know him by was mixing Mean Girls (Original Broadway Cast Recording), which sounds stunning and polished to perfection. When I listen to Indestructible in my car, I love how the Toms sound in all the songs. They seem to “dance” around me. A surrounding feel, which I gravitate towards in all mixes I love. The amazing recording quality they captured for Indestructible seems to be closest to what they captured for The Sickness.

Your thoughts on Indestructible?

















“Perfect Insanity” Copyright Disturbed, Reprise 2008

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