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Disturbed - Believe

I love how different, sonically, Disturbed’s albums sound compared to one another. The recordings they captured for their album Believe sound the weakest imo. The songs don’t explode out of the speakers like they do for The Sickness, for example (even when you set their integrated LUFS’s equal fo

r similar “busy” sections per song). This doesn’t seem to be a mixing or mastering thing (because the band, mixing engineer and mastering engineer are all identical between The Sickness and Believe). I think it’s simply however the drums and guitars and everything were recorded. Mixing-wise, it’s excellent and well-balanced. From a songwriting standpoint, Believe is PURE GOLD from start to finish. All 12 songs. Super catchy, great tunes with memorable melodies and powerful moments. As a full album, I personally like it better than all their others (again, from a songwriting standpoint). The intro to the clip I’m sharing here, “Prayer” gets stuck in my head ALL THE TIME. The song “Remember” is simply amazing. And I love the bass guitar cutting through extra nicely in “Breathe.”

I have a few drummer friends, and I’ve always thought the Believe album would be great “intro to double-bass pedal” practice material. It’s not insanely fast, but instead a wonderful way to learn to keep a steady rhythm. And it definitely has some complex moments that would keep it challenging.

What’s your favorite Disturbed album?

















“Prayer” Copyright Disturbed, Reprise 2002

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