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Demi Lovato "Give Your Heart a Break"

From a mixing standpoint, the Delays are what stand out to me in this song. For example, listen to the delay of the opening strings, and also the delay on Demi’s center vocal. It’s a cool application from an artistic standpoint because it’s very noticeable. Most of the time, delay is used in a more subtle way. Audible, but only if you listen carefully. Here, it’s a signature part of the song. And it’s a more dry-sounding delay. I.e., it doesn’t seem to have any additional space or reverb attached to that delay bus (or at least, it’s not a huge hall space. It more just sounds like a reflection of the room they recorded in). Imo, the vocals are a bit too loud. They really pop out of the speakers, but a tad too much for my taste. If I were mixing it, I wouldn’t necessarily compress them any more, but I’d just bring them down maybe 1-2dB overall, to start, and see how that sounds. The bass during the chorus is probably my favorite part of the song. It just sounds so cool. I crave more of it.

















“Give Your Heart a Break” Copyright Demi Lovato, Hollywood 2012

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