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Avenged Sevenfold - Hail to the King

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

The recording quality Avenged Sevenfold captured for their Hail to the King album is absolutely outstanding. It's one of my most favorite-sounding albums I've ever heard. It's crystal clear, packs a mean punch, is full, tight and dazzling. The drums are stunning imo. I LOVE how they sound. BUT, they are just a tad too loud for my taste. Especially the kick and snare. If the kick was down maybe 1.5dB and the snare down maybe 0.5dB, this album would be flawless from a sonic standpoint imo. It would lose a tiny bit of its center punch from doing that, but would result in a slightly more surrounding feel, which I personally love.

Look how healthy the master waveform is too. It's not squashed to death. But instead maintains dynamics. Mixed by the legendary Andy Wallace, and Mastered by the legendary Bob Ludwig.

This clip is from track 08 "Coming Home," my personal favorite on the album. It has an awesome tempo & drive, and simply has fun rocking out, you know? Plus wicked solos that last over 1.5 minutes.

What are your thoughts about this album?


















“Coming Home” Copyright Avenged Sevenfold, Warner Bros. 2013

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