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Ariana Grande "breathin'"

“breathin’” is total sonic bliss. There are so many aspects I love about the design and mix of this song. The space design and reverb application is breathtaking. Zing. The synths are warm and full. For Ariana’s vocals, pay attention to the delay. It pops, yet has so much space. This is likely accomplished by attaching a reverb (or combination of reverbs) to the mono or stereo delay bus, that the center vocal is being sent to. And when the kick drum enters at 1:09, mmm mmm, it’s sculpted to perfection. It sounds fat, punchy (getting help from the centered hi-hat right on top of it), deep, everything. The entire mix sounds so incredibly surrounding, I just love it. If you know me, you know I love a surrounding feel.

Anything specific you enjoy about “breathin’” ?

















“breathin’” Copyright Ariana Grande, Republic 2018

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