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Professional Mixing services for Rock, Hard Rock, Grunge and Punk.

I want to help your songs sound absolutely awesome and explode out of the speakers. Contact me to discuss your project.


Ben W

average rating is 5 out of 5

It was a pleasure working with Tim! Extremely professional and incredibly knowledgable, always cordial when answering questions, and an extremely diligent and quick worker. He really helped me achieve the sound I was looking for with my project.


Joe W

average rating is 5 out of 5

Tim did an amazing job on my project. Excellent communication! Thank you!


Morganne M

average rating is 5 out of 5

A true pleasure to work with! Tim is professional, responsive, hard-working, and kind. He highlights the work of musicians beautifully - singers and instrumentalists alike.


Drew M

average rating is 5 out of 5

Tim was such a pleasure to work with. Really thoughtful and thorough, a wonderful combination of laidback and hardworking! He made our choir sound great under these really challenging circumstances which none of us really knew how to navigate. I look forward to the next project we get to do with him.


Tania P

average rating is 5 out of 5

Tim is absolutely wonderful. He is kind, professional, very efficient, and prompt in his audio engineering jobs. He is an absolute expert in what he does. His work is stellar. He has lots of patience and welcomes as many changes as the clients would like to make. I recommend Tim very highly.


During the pandemic, I mixed over 1600 singer audio files for 60+ Virtual Choirs. Singers perform individually at home and then send me their audio recordings. It's my job to provide consultation, recording guidance, audio alignment, audio editing and repair, mixing and mastering. To ultimately get the group sounding like they are singing together and cohesive in one space, such as a studio, or a theater/stage, concert hall, church, cathedral, etc.


I've created some online tutorials of various audio mixing and mastering tips and tricks I've learned over the years.

★  LUFS and Mastering - Youlean Loudness Meter

★  Tape Saturation for Mastering

★  Mono Imaging for Mastering

★  Ozone 9 Vintage Tape Harmonics

★  How to SEE the coloring of your audio plugin

★  Noise Gate (Kick and Snare)

★  Channel EQ vs. Linear Phase EQ

★  Doubler bus

★  Reverb buses

★  Tremolo and Automation

★  Distortion bus

★  DeEsser

★  Stereo Delay bus

★  Tape Delay bus

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