Wisconsin Mixing Engineer and Mastering Engineer

Specifically for Rock, Hard Rock, Grunge and Punk









Morganne M

A true pleasure to work with! Tim is professional, responsive, hard-working, and kind. He highlights the work of musicians beautifully - singers and instrumentalists alike.


Drew M

Tim was such a pleasure to work with. Really thoughtful and thorough, a wonderful combination of laidback and hardworking! He made our choir sound great under these really challenging circumstances which none of us really knew how to navigate. I look forward to the next project we get to do with him.


Tania P

Tim is absolutely wonderful. He is kind, professional, very efficient, and prompt in his audio engineering jobs. He is an absolute expert in what he does. His work is stellar. He has lots of patience and welcomes as many changes as the clients would like to make. I recommend Tim very highly.


Christopher S

What an awesome sound engineering partner Timothy has been! Throughout a lengthy and ambitious project to creat a debut rock album, Timothy served as an advisor and subject matter expert on all topics throughout our tracking, mixing, and mastering stages of production. Despite not working with Timothy in a technical capacity to create our album, we were fortunate to have his guidance and expert knowledge on how to get the most out of our efforts. I would highly recommend TCF Audio and look forward to working with Timothy again in the future.


Jahzeel M

Tim is one of the most knowledgable, responsible and fun people to work with. The passion for his craft shows in his work and when the band/artist does not understand something in the process, Tim explains it very clearly and thoroughly. His ability and willingness to experiment for the best sound possible makes him top notch in my experience. HIGHLY Recommended!!!


Christine H

Tim was an absolute dream to work with during the pandemic. Amazingly responsive to questions and requests, he was also patient, and extremely fast in turning around projects. I work with older singers, and he helped many of them when they were distressed by the demands of the technology. (That, in my opinion, goes way above and beyond the scope of his job!) He has done a large number of projects for us in the past year, and I have been really impressed with the quality of his work. A true gem.


Nick R

This was the best experience! Tim worked with me as a vocalist to really produce a sound I could be proud and happy about. And even after all his help in the studio he then was able to clean things up to make my piece sound it’s best. He is so professional and true to his word (which is huge in this business)! He is also extremely funny and kind and will make anyone feel right at home! Thanks for an unforgettable experience! I cannot wait to book my next appointment!!


Dave H

Tim’s one of those rare guys who seems comfortable in a wide variety of genres and does them all exceptionally well. He has a keen ear and an insatiable desire to learn and experiment. He’s also a conceptual thinker with a deep knowledge of sonic principles, so he gets what you’re trying to do, and knows how to make it happen. All of this comes wrapped in his enthusiasm and positive attitude - a truly passionate artist.